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( )1.A. heavy
B. big
C. long
D. smaller
( )2、 A. ate
B. fly
C. bought
D. did
( )3、 A. run
B. swim
C. walk
D. her
( )4、 A. play
B. nose
C. hand
D. leg
( )5、 A. him
C. me
D. I


  ( ) 1. The monkey's tail is long. The dinosaur's tail is

A. long
B. longer
C. longest

  ( ) 2. Tom lost his book. He's so sad. We can say he is feeling

A. black
B. red
C. blue

  ( ) 3. One meter is_______ centimeter.

A. 10
B. 100
C. 1000

  ( )4.Tom is 160cm tall. Sarah is 157cm. So _______

A. Tom is taller than Sarah.
B. Tom is shorter than Sarah.
C. Tom is 3cm shorter than Sarah.

  ( ) 5. Your ruler is 10 _______.

A. mm
B. cm
C. m

  ( )6. We play games _____ Tuesday afternoon.

A. in
B. at
C. for
D. on

  ( )7. Let’s _________.

A. to do homework
B. do homework
C. do homeworks
D. does homework

  ( )8. We stay ____ home ______ Sundays.

A. at, on
B. in, on
C. at, in
D. on, on

  ( )9. Look _____ the picture and talk _____ it.

A. of, in
B. at, to
C. at, about
D. in, about

  ( )10. I often _____ TV on Sunday evening.

A. see
B. watch
C. look
D. look at

  ( )11. He____ born in Beijing.

A. is
B. was
C. are
D. be

  ( )12.The boy is sitting_______her father and mother.

A. among
B. between
C. after
D. before

  ( )13. 当你的好朋友总是运气不佳时,你最应该对他说:______

A. Enjoy yourself.
B. Have a good time!
C. Good luck!
D. It's very kind of you.

  ( )14. 在公众的节日中回答别人的祝福,可说:_______。

A Thank you.
B. That's OK.
C.The same to you.
D. Quite right.

  ( )15. Thanks ______ your letter.

A. in
B. at
C. for
D. with


  ( )1、 I am going in a big trip 改正 ( )

  ( )2、How do Lucy feel? She looks sad. 改正 ( )

  ( )3、I am sorry too hear that. 改正 ( )

  ( )4、What do you do last weekend? 改正 ( )

  ( )5、Amy is 4 cm tall than Mike. 改正 ( )


  1、An elephant is _______than a dog.(tall taller)

  2、Did your mother ________clothes yesterday? Yes, she _______a lot of clothes.(wash washed)

  3、_______did you go on your holiday? I went to BeiJing.(Where When)

  4、Are you _________English now? Yes, I am. (learn learning)

  5、Look, Sarah and Amy _______dancing.


  Zhang Peng: Hi, Chen Jie. ________?

  Chen Jie: I went to the hospital yesterday.

  Zhang Peng: __________________________?

  Chen Jie: Yes, I was sick

  Zhang Peng: _____________________?

  Chen Jie: I had a headache ,I got the flu.

  Zhang Peng: You should do sports and make yourself to be stronger.

  Chen Jie: You are right. __________?

  ZhangPeng: Good idea. But I will play basketball this afternoon.

  Chen Jie: _______________________?

  ZhangPeng: Sure! Let’s go together.

  A. What was the matter with you?

  B. Can I go with you?

  C. Where did you go last weekend?

  D. Were you sick?

  E. How do you feel?

  F. Did you play basketball with me?

  G. Let’s play basketball tomorrow, OK?


( ) What did you do yesterday? (1) I’m 160 cm tall.
( ) How did you go there? (2) I went to a post office.
( ) Where did you go? (3) I have a sore throat.
( ) How tall are you? (4) No, I didn’t.
( ) What’s the matter? (5) Yes.
( ) Which dog is heavier? (6) She feels happy.
( ) How does Amy feel? (7) The yellow one is heavier.
( ) Can you fly? (8) I went there by bike.
( ) Do you have a sore throat? (9) I watched TV.
( ) Did you go hiking yesterday? (10) No, I can’t.

  My name is Mike. I am 12. I like singing. I am from Nanhai. My friend and I had a long holiday last month. We went on a trip. I went to Hangzhou with my parents by plane. We saw the West Lake. John is my cousin. He is one year older than me. He went to Beijing by train. He visited the Great Wall. Alice is my pen pal. She is from Canada. She is in Guangzhou now. She went to Hong Kong by bus. She ate good food and bought some clothes. Tim is my classmate. He is English. He went to Huangshan by plane. He climbed the mountains. Tim and Alice are one year younger than me. We are all in Grade 6 now. We are going to a new middle school in September. We will be in Grade 7.

  1、Mike went to TangShan last month.( )

  2、John is one year younger than Mike.( )

  3、Tim is Alice’s classmates.( )

  4、We will be Grade 7 in September.( )

  5、Tim is 13 years old. ( )


  My name is May. I am an American girl. I am in Foshan with my parents now. My father Mr Li is an engineer in a shoe factory. He designs the beautiful shoes. He likes drawing pictures. Usually my father goes to work by car. But yesterday he went by bus with my mother. My mother Mrs Li is an English teacher. She often goes to work on foot. She loves the children and she says they make her feel young.

  1.How did Mr Li go to work yesterday ?


  2. Is May in America now ?


  3. Who loves the children ?


  4. What's Mr Li's hobby ?


  5. What does May's mother do ?




( )1 A、smaller
( )2 A、toothache
( )3 A、yesterday
C、last year
D、last Monday
( )4 A、dance
( )5 A、took


( ) 1. A. I'm 46 kg.
B. Tom is 3kg heavier than me.
C. Mike is thinner than me.
( ) 2. A They are tired.
B. She is angry.
C. They are excited.
( ) 3. A. wash clothes.
B. watch TV.
C. Watched TV.
( ) 4. A. By car.
B. on foot.
C. by airplane.
( ) 5. A. Yes. I think I have a fever.
B. Yes. I feel excited.
C. Yes. My hair is longer than yours


  ( )1、 I went there by train.

  ( ) 2 、Lucy went hiking last weekend.

  ( ) 3、 I went to a park yesterday.

  ( ) 4、 My elbow hurts.

  ( ) 5 、Tom is thinner and shorter.

  四、 听录音,完成下面的短文:(5分)

  It's Sunday. I go to the hospital. I have a ________. So I go and see the _______. On the way home, I see a little dog. He's so small. He's even _______ than a cat. He looks very _______. I think he can't find his home. So I take him home. I like him very much. I play with him. I'm so _______

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