2016-07-20  | 测试 测试题 A. 



1. 天气 _________
2. come out________
3.滑雪 ________
4. Great wall________
5.一滴雨 ________
6. Pyramid ________
7. 机场 ________
8.police station _______
9.雨衣 ________
10. Spaceship ________


  ( )1. _______season do you like?

B. How
C. Which

  ( )2. Look__________those clouds!

A. at
B. for
C. after

  ( )3. Tino likes play in the rain.

A. to
B. in
C. at

  ( )4. Who ________the camera?

A. had
B. has
C. have

  ( )5. I can_________at the beach.

A. swim
B. swam
C. swimming

  ( ) 6. I _______my English book.

A forget
B forgot
C forgetting

  ( ) 7. She’s ______astronaut.

A. a
C an

  ( ) 8. _______ will you stay in Wonder Land.

A. How many
B How old
C How long

  ( ) 9. What do you do ________the weekend?

A. at
B on
C in

  ( ) 10. Do you want to be a _______?

A. swim
B swimming
C swimmer

  ( ) 11. There’s a snack bar _____ the corner.

A. at
B on
C in


( )1. What’s wrong with you? A. Yes, it does.
( )2.How is it going? B. We go hiking in the fall.
( )3. How do you do? C. I want to be a cook.
( )4. What do you want to be? D. Just great.
( )5. How long will you stay in China? E. How do you do?
( )6. What do you do in the fall? F. I’m sleepy.
( )7. What would you like to eat? G. For 3weeks.
( )8. Does it rain in your country? H. I’d like a hamburger, and Coke.
( )9. May I see your ticket, please? I. OK. Here you are.

  1. it/ in/is/ going/a/ rain/ to/minute .


  2. you/ can/ see/ white/ that/ building/ ?


  3. are/ what/ you/ to/ going/ do/ ?



  Hello! I’m Lisa. I have two good friends. They are Jucy and Lucy. We’re talking about seasons. I like summer best. I like swimming. Jucy and Lucy like winter. They like skating.

  ( )1. Lisa likes summer.

  ( )2. Jucy and Lucy like fall best.

  ( )3. Lisa likes skating.

  ( )4. We all like winter best.

  ( )5. We are talking about animals.


  1. I’ll ________a picture of you. (take)

  2. Who _________ in China. (live)

  3. I like ____________ planes. (fly)

  4. He can __________ at the beach. (swim)

  5. My uncle _________ winter best. (like)



  词汇提示:where, present, gift, shop, straight, blocks, left, library.






  1. I’m very__________.

a. tired
b. bored
c. scared

  2. I usually go swimming at the ________.

a. pool
b. school
c. farmer

  3. Dongdong is ________to help me.

a. go
b. going
c. went

  4. Here is your ___________.

a. shirt
b. ticket
c.boarding pass

  5. Excuse me. Is there a ______near here?

a. gift shop
b. library
c. zoo


1. a. Four Cokes, please.
b. Five apple pies.
2. a. I want to be an engineer.
b. I want to design spaceships.
3. a. My uncle is a farmer.
b. My aunt is a vet.
4. a. Not yet. Let me check my list.
b. Thank you.
5. a. Go straight two blocks and turn right.
b. I saw you in a picture.
《EEC小学五年英语下册期末测试题》摘要:ll 5.一滴雨 6. Pyramid 7. 机场 8.police station 9.雨衣 10. Spaceship 二、选择。22分 1. season do you like? A.What B. How C. Which 2. Lookthose clouds! A. at B. for C. after 3. Tino l...